Bank Society Coin Roadmap

SOCI is the cryptocurrency for the future

  1. Wallet Released - The Bank Society Coin daemon and Wallet incorporate key technology for PoW, PoS Staking and Masternode. Try it now!
  2. Masternode - 20, 000 SOCI collateral is required for each Bank Society Masternode. Estimated ROI is around 1000% per yearTry it now!
  3. Media / Web Site - Website is now 100% running with Twitter on the wayTry it now!
  4. Exchange Listing - AltMarkets, WADAX, MCT+

  5. CoinGeko listing confirmed

  6. Android Wallet - Next Major Release planned late 2019

  7. MAC Wallet - Next Major Release planned late 2019

  8. Secure Document Send Receive function on Wallet planned.

  9. Crypto Card - Debit Card with SOCI coin able to be used as CASH in 
    the real world. Planned for 2020.